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Scents, colours, flavours and images of people, of a particular primary production, perhaphs a unique one for its variety and its wealth.

Fertile land, full of gifts, from the bottom till the surface, and from the depths of the seas to the fishing ports and the beaches. Items signed by the guarantee of quality, purity and home care.

Rare taste of honey in Arnea and the slopes of Mount Athos, pine, sousoura, herbs and bushes from the Cholomontas Mountain. Beekeepers and honey producers keep on following the tradition, delivering it to the new generation, respecting the “sweet” history of the pure taste.

Mushrooms of all kinds, which grow on the Cholomontas and other mountains and create special delicacies in the kitchens of the mountainous villages. Mushroom pies and balls, mushrooms with louvidia (kind of green beans) and lots others…

Greek feta and cheeses of all kinds at the local cheese factories compose the picture of a production, which has nothing to envy from those destinations, identified by famous products of food and nutrition.

Pines from the slopes of Cholomontas and Aristotelian Mountains, cultivated for years at the plants nurseries, creating this way “lungs” of life and protection in the lush forests, shipped later to markets around the country as Christmas trees, decorating the memories!

“Blessed” wine, made by the monks’ hands in Mount Athos and at the traditional wineries of Arnea, in organic vineyards on the fertile slopes of Marathousa.

Tsipouro, “clean” and strong, made at the distilleries of Megali Panagia, Gomati, Ierissos, Stratoniki and Stageira, by people who enjoy producing it, using it to relax after work, to “enhance” their feasts, to offer to their guests!

Beans from Neochori, so tender and sweet. The soil favours the cultivation and the sticks that hold them at the fields of Isvoros, is the landmark of the area!

Sausages from Atnea, Stanos, Varvara, Paleochori, Megali Panagia, made in houses and butcher’s with passion and pure organic meat. In the area of Varvara are bred “blag pigs”, which pass from the production to the consumption, creating culinary delights that satisfy all tastes!

Mussels of Olympiada, famous, big, healthy and delicious, all because of the quality and the sea water’s composition. The area is famous for the mussels plantations and the specialties based on the mussels: mussels balls, mussel rice, saghanaki, fried mussels, steamed… they all accompany summer ouzo at the tavernas of the coastal zone.

Fish of Ierissos and Mount Athos fill the fishnets of every trawler and fishing boat, being the base of the nutrition for the monks. You will find them at the fish taverns of the area, fresh, almost “alive”, smelling salty sea.

Salt dried fish of Ierissos, the most delicious that you have ever tasted in a variety of tastes and ways of preparation.

Water melons from the famous gardens of Nea Roda, so sweet and juicy as your summer vacations!

Syrup sweets, liquers and marmelades, all made by fruits of the forest at the women’s union of Varvara. Women of the mountainous area utilize the nature’s gifts and make pure delicacies, tasty and fragrant, suitable for all types of nutrition.

Candles and wax products at the local industry of Neohori and Gomati.

Taste all before you leave, and provide yourselve with your favourites, capturing the moments and the memories with colours, scents and icons….

In a destination of such an intense tourism activity, everything moves around profitable and efficient business rhythms.

The motivation for the development of each form of tourism satellite is actually a lot of interesting and effective.

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