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For Nature Lovers

Sykia, Olympiada Area

A beautiful, small, golden beach, where the pines of the Aristotelian Mountain reach the sea. It is located just below the archaeological site of Stagira, the birthplace of the greatest philosopher of Greek history and teacher of Alexander the Great: Aristotle.

Kefalas, Olympiada Area

A beach with turquoise waters, where the lush vegetation of the Aristotelian Mountain, protected by the European Convention Natura 2000, reaches the water, colouring it with unique natural hues.

Kakoudia, Ierissos Area

Its whitish rocks, in unique formations, white sand and Aegean blue create a unique and atmospheric spectacle that will take your breath away.

Kouri, Stratoni Area

A vast, quiet, unique beach with high-quality seawater.

Metallio – Nea Roda, Mount Athos Land Border

A small isolated beach, crowned with pines. The granite blocks of its rocks lend it a distinctive beauty, while the dense pines reach the sea.

Arsanas – Ouranoupoli, Mount Athos Land Border

Just at the borders of Mount Athos, where the old naval station of the Chromitsa Monastery separates the Holy Community from the rest of the region, lies the beach of Arsanas, famous for its white pebbles and an amazing view of Athos.

Mousiou, Ammouliani Island

A dreamy, magical beach with golden sand and a wooden pier to moor your boat or yacht. A truly mythical beach!

Tratovoli, Ammouliani Island

Accessible only by sea, it is famous for the quality of its sand and seawater!

Faka, Ammouliani Island

A beach noted for its white sand, crystal-clear waters and dense vegetation, where you can swim or indulge in diving.

Kastri, Develiki Area

A beach where you can feel embraced by the sea, with fine sand and beautiful waters.

Chiliadou, Develiki Area

A pebbled, quiet beach with crystal-clear waters and a view of Ammouliani and the imposing Mount Athos.

For Families

Chrisi Akti, Olympiada Area

A large, golden beach, which stretches to that of the settlement of Olympiada, creating a vast organised seaside! Fine sand, lovely shallow Aegean waters and spectacular views of the Kapros islet make you feel that you are dreaming of your perfect holidays!

Vina, Olympiada Area

A vast, sandy and well-organised beach (sunbeds, changing tents, showers, bar, restaurant) greets you under the shade created by the surrounding thicket of pines. The Aristotelian Mountain bathes it in its shade, while the crystal-clear seawater carries the Mediterranean breeze everywhere. Enjoy!

Gourgourou, Olympiada Area

A long beach with fine, golden sand and shallow waters. It is ideal for children, particularly in its southern end, next to the small rocks that mark its boundaries. The pine thickets of the Aristotelian Mountain, which reach the sea, offer rich shade. On its northern side, there is an organised resort for children with special needs.

Stratoni, Akanthios Gulf Area

A 800m-long large and well-organised beach (sunbeds, changing tents, showers, bar, restaurant), with fine sand and high-quality seawater.

Ierissos, Akanthios Gulf Area

The perfect beach! Crystal-clear waters, white thick sand and extensive facilities (sunbeds, changing tents, showers, beach bars, cafes, restaurants, taverns, clubs)! Enjoy the Greek summer with all your senses!

Nea Roda, Akanthios Gulf Area

A coastal settlement unfolds around the sandy arc of this stunning, fully organized and dreamy beach. It is noted for its white sand and wonderful clear waters.

Megali Ammos, Ammouliani Island

Its whitish sand, crystal-clear waters and sculpted rock formations make this beach heaven on earth. The stunning views of Mount Athos will take your breath away.

Ayios Georgios, Ammouliani Island

This beautiful beach boasts a double embrace of golden sand that hosts a few umbrellas/sunbeds and a makeshift wooden pier. A must-see.

Alykes, Ammouliani Island

The most beautiful, famous, most photographed beach of Ammouliani and of the entire Mount Athos Area! A swim in Alykes is definitely in a top-ten list of things to do before you die. Wonderfully clear waters (blue flag eco-label), fine white sand, Aegean views, many amenities, full facilities (sunbeds, changing tents, showers, beach bars, cafes, restaurants, taverns, clubs)!

Ouranoupoli Area

A huge shore, a vast sea embrace, starts from the area of the harbour of Trypiti and ends at the village of Ouranoupoli. Its crowded beaches unfold along 5 km of sandy, clean, fully organised seaside, offering thousands of visitors an authentic Greek summer experience.

Xiropotami, Gomati Area

Golden sand and shallow waters! An ideal beach for young children with wonderful views of Mount Athos and Ammouliani Island.

Develiki, Gomati Area

The well-organised Develiki beach, combining golden sand and pebbles, is famed for the quality of its waters and the amenities it offers visitors (sunbeds, changing tents, showers, rooms, cafes, restaurants, taverns)!

Pirgos, Gomati Area

A pebbled beach with crystal-clear waters. It is very well organised (beach bar) – perfect for families with small children.

For a dramatic view

Proti Ammoudia, Olympiada Area

Sandy beach with great views of the walls of the ancient citadel of Stagira. Its pine trees offer rich shade, while there is also a snack bar.

Eagles Palace Resort & Spa, Ouranoupoli Area

A well-organised beach in front of the famous namesake resort, with breathtaking views. Your gaze reaches Ammouliani Island, Pyrgos of Ouranoupoli and from there travels to the towering Mount Athos, while the Athos bay kisses the white sand and bathes all human senses in its salty breeze.

Theoxenia, Olympiada Area

A beautiful beach in front of the namesake resort, overlooking Ammouliani Island and the islets at its end. The ultimately relaxing vision!

Alexandros Palace Hotels & Suites, Ouranoupoli Area

A sandy beach in front of the excellent hotel, opposite Ammouliani, so close you think you can reach it with your hand! Fine sand, clear waters and excellent views of Mount Athos bay.

Port, Ammouliani Island

A golden beach near the main port of the island, with incredibly clear waters and views of Mount Athos and the coastline of Ouranoupoli!

Janis, Ammouliani Island

A small and beautiful coast with great views to Mount Athos and Athos. Its paved pier, wicker umbrellas, fine sand and crystal-clear waters promise dreamy summer holidays.

For crazy white sand

Zougla, Olympiada Area

Amidst the lush vegetation of the Aristotelian Mountain, the white sandy beach of Zougla peaks out like a bright crescent and welcomes many – especially young – visitors.

Karvounoskala, Stratoni Area

Its white sand and pebbles are washed by pure seawater and create a beautiful small beach, which took its name from the coal-loading docks that once operated in the area.

Klisouri, Ierissos Area

The Acanthios Bay wets the horseshoe-shaped endless beach located between Ierissos and Stratoni and creates a natural setting that calms and soothes the senses.

Komitsa, Mount Athos Land Border

The northern boundary of the area of ​​Nea Roda with Mount Athos – in Scorpios – marks the end of the Komitsa beach, the largest and most beautiful in the area. White sand, crystal-clear waters, an organised beach, views of Mount Athos, dense vegetation and the scent of pristine vegetation… Can you think of anything better?

Karayatsi, Ammouliani Island

At the end of this ravine, the slopes that rise on either side form an idyllic retreat-like beach. It took its name from the elms (karayatsia) that grow nearby. Its white sand, clear waters, makeshift steps, the tranquillity of the landscape and the sea breeze will turn your visit into the most beautiful summer memory!

Tigani, Ammouliani Island

An excellent beach on the namesake islet of the Drenia island complex, south of Ammouliani. The cleanest water you have ever seen and a perfect white sandy beach host the few visitors who arrive by boats and small yachts. A must-see!

Petalidi, Develiki Area

A well-hidden beach, the best-kept secret of the olive-tree clad hills that surround it.

In the same corner, you will find many well-hidden alcoves, waiting for you to enjoy them.

Kampos, Pyrgadikia Area

With a length of one kilometre, the Kampos beach is the longest beach in the area of ​​Pyrgadikia. White sand, crystal-clear waters and a Mediterranean breeze turn your holiday into a celebration of the senses!

For snorkelling

Port, Nea Roda, Mount Athos Land Border

Very close to the traditional fishing village of Nea Roda, another welcoming, quiet and sandy beach – amongst the best in the Acanthios Bay – looks onto the Aegean, welcoming the Mediterranean breeze and the cool air of Athos. A true summer oasis!

Komitsa – Camping, Nea Roda, Mount Athos Land Border

Its cool Aegean breeze that reinvigorates the senses and relaxes the mind, its fine sand and crystal waters make Komitsa beach a must-see destination!

Komitsa– Ktima Chatzi, Nea Roda, Mount Athos Land Border

The combination of green and azure in all its glory! A famous beach noted for its white sand, incredibly clear waters, pristine beach and views of Mount Athos, combined with the relaxing Aegean breeze!  Can you think of anything better?

Drenia, Ammouliani Island

A sandy organised beach on the namesake islet in the “tail” of Ammouliani. Beautiful, with crystal-clear shallow waters and wooden piers or stairs, it lies amongst a complex of small islands and overlooks the bay of Mount Athos, carrying the freshness of Athos in the morning north-eastern winds and afternoon south-eastern winds.

Feti, Ammouliani Island

A golden beach in the same area, overlooking Mount Athos. Ideal for those looking to enjoy a summer swim, steeped in nature!

Penna, Ammouliani Island

Close by – on the namesake islet – you will find unique beaches with golden sand and clear waters, just perfect. Athos dominates the view and the natural landscapes it forms create unforgettable feelings and experiences!

Artemi, Ammouliani Island

Rocks and fine sand create beaches of outstanding natural beauty, whose location, across from Mount Athos, refreshes the senses of the privileged visitors who reach them by small boats!

Yalakia, Pyrgadikia Area

The successive coves after Pyrgadikia, towards Agios Nikolaos, create beaches out of a painting. Exceptional views of Ammouliani and Athos, crystal-clear waters, fine sand and a lovely natural breeze create an amazing feeling!

For Camping

Zepko, Olympiada Area

The longest beach in the area (on the side of the Strymonikos Bay). Boats, steps, seaside huts combined with crystal-clear waters and fine sand make for a beautiful setting, where you can camp and enjoy the beauty of a truly heavenly landscape.

Valitsi, Olympiada Area

A dreamy beach, crowned with pines, with turquoise waters and coarse golden sand. An ideal place for camping!

Diavorvoro, Olympiada Area

A real blue-green paradise. A hidden corner between the sky and the sea, where nature’s colours dominate and alternate, creating dreamy landscapes and settings!

Marmari, Olympiada Area

An exotic beach at the tip of the Brostomitsa peninsula, with breathtaking natural beauty. The ultimate green of the Aristotelian Mountain meets the Aegean blue, creating excellent colour combinations as the Mediterranean light bathes the golden sandy beach. Have you dreamed of anything better?

Port, Stratoni Area

An excellent choice for campers. An endless beach, an idyllic landscape at the breakwater, a view of Athos, the scent of the Aegean, free fishing and diving, fishing competitions and many facilities at the beach!

Camping, Ierissos Area

Crystal-clear seawater (blue flag eco-label), coarse white sand and many facilities at the organised camping offer visitors the holidays of their dreams!

Camping Alykes, Ammouliani Island

In the beautiful, famous, most photographed beach of Ammouliani, you can swim in the exquisite clear waters (blue flag eco-label), suck up the sun on the fine white sand and the views of the Aegean, enjoying the many facilities of the famous well-organised camping.

Megali Ammos, Ammouliani Island

Looking onto Mount Athos, you can suck up the salty breeze of the Aegean and the Mediterranean light, while relaxing for hours in the shade of the pines and the listening to the buzzing of the cicadas!

For Surfing

Kozi, Ierissos Area

Surf in the Akantios Bay, starting from the organised beach of the namesake beach bar and feel the airy freshness of the Aegean and the scent of the Mediterranean flooding your body and soul!

Copa Cabbana, Nea Roda

Try surfing starting from the beach of the namesake beach bar, very close to the pier of Nea Roda.

Eagles Palace Resort & Spa, Ouranoupoli Area

Explore the wondrous marine world of the Athonite bay by surfing, starting from the beach of the namesake resort, either using your own board, or by hiring one you like from the local water sports school. The tour of the sea, ​​sun and colours will leave you mesmerised!

For Diving

Porto, Stratoni Area

Excellent underwater life, with an entire hippocampus colony living and moving in the crystal-clear waters of the seabed, in the only beach of the region hosting such underwater fauna.

EaglesPalaceResort & Spa, Ouranoupoli Area

Dive in the organised diving centre of the Eagles Palace Resort & Spa and enjoy the warm, clear and calm waters and a seabed with an incredibly rich and diverse underwater life.

Faka Island, Ammouliani Island

Indulge in snorkelling off the rocky islet of Faka, north of Ammouliani, and enjoy the feel of its clear waters, white sand and rich underwater life.



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