Megali Panagia

A Macedonian embrace in the heart of the forest! Megali Panagia is a typical village of the mountain, full of tiled houses, cobbled streets and mansions, streams trickling through man-made springs, centuries-old arched bridges, green landscapes full of the scents and colours of the earth……

An ultimate pilgrimage destination, noted for its Pilgrimage, it welcomes thousands of pilgrims each Assumption, who honour the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, or Panagia in Greek, the patroness of the entire area.

But you can do much more. Visit the church of Panagouda, which according to local sources was built in 1007 AD and the stone church of Agios Vasileios and then enjoy lunch or dinner at the magnificent Platanorema, just a few kilometres outside the village.

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