Sailing along the coast of Mount Athos

This excellent thematic trip takes you on a journey into the past, on a tour of the architecture and lifestyle of Byzantium. All the monasteries on the western shore of Mount Athos magically appear one after the other, alternating with a natural landscape of unimaginable beauty, with bold changes between dark green and endless blue, as Mount Athos too is protected by the Natura 2000 European Convention.

The peninsula is inhabited only by monks (2,200 monks) and has twenty (20) monasteries of Byzantine architecture, twelve (12) cloisters and eight hundred (800) cells. Each year, about one million (1,000,000) visitors admire the cradle of Orthodoxy, which has been living according to the rules of life and religiosity of the Byzantines for more than 1,000 years.

Include this cruise along the monastic state in your holiday program and enjoy a unique tourist experience, which is part of a global religious and cultural uniqueness: Mount Athos!

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