Stratoni is a green / blue Macedonian village, built in front of the Aegean Sea, at the foot of the Aristotelian Mountain.  It has a view to the Akanthios Bay and to Mount Athos and is surrounded by a natural landscape that combines to the maximum dense vegetation, greenery, the endless coastline, the sandy beach, the picturesque creeks of “Karvounoskala” and the warm hospitality of its wonderful people.

Small houses with tiled roofs, gardens full of flowers and fruit trees, organised sport areas, an amazing fish port, open playgrounds, restaurants, clubs, beach bars … are waiting to offer you the holidays of your dreams.

What can you do in the area? Many things.
You will walk the fantastic (mapped) hiking trails of the Aristotelian Mountain and the pilgrimage trail to Agios Nikolas of the mountain, admiring the breathtaking view to the Akanthios Bay.  You will visit the famous mussels farms on the Aristotelian Mountain and watch how the renowned “Olympiada mussels” are collected and find out how the composition of sea water makes them so big, delicious and healthy that they live up to their reputation! You will swim at the two beaches of the village and at the beaches of Prostomitsa, you will fish, dive, attend the “Aristotelia” events! If it’s Christmas you will play with your children in the “Fairytale – land”, the Christmas village that captures the interest and attracts visitors from   the 1st of December to the 1st of January.


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