The athonian olive oil & the olives

The athonian, golden extra virgin olive oil is found (of course) in Ouranoupolis, consisting one of the most popular products in the destination. On the other hand, the fragrant, golden olive oil of Develiki, Megali Panagia and Pyrgadikia is being produced in the famous local oil presses which – among other products – bottle the «Extra Virgin Olive Oil Galano». The liquid gold, which is trademarked as P.D.O., is being exported all over the world.

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In the local olive groves the olives are collected in the most traditional way. Every October and November a numerus of locals indulge in the collection of olives – a laborious but human and divinely blessed activity! The famous «Halkidiki Olives» (can be found in Ouranoupolis, Pyrgadikia, Gomati and Megali Panagia) are large, juicy and fleshy, enjoyed salted or bitter, vinegared or fermented in their liquids!
Amazing taste!

Recently the Agricultural Association of Metaggitsi presented to the market it new product, the extra virgin olive oil with a wide variety of essence oils cultivated in the area. The product has the label “Extra” and offers to human body the benefits of the olive oil and the pharmaceutical- aromatic plants. Sampling has already started to foreign countries so as to establish the first sales.

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