Olive Oil

Are you looking for extra virgin olive oil from the fertile plains of Gomati? Do you want the best quality on your plate and on your table?

Then you are on the right page and in the right direction, since Giorgos Rountos offers extra virgin olive oil, made only by Halkidiki olives, ideal for cooking and of course for use in salads and other dishes.

«Our product is produced and bottled in Gomati» proudly says Giorgos, who in 2020 created the first olive press in the area. «It comes exclusively from local olives and from production to bottling, the strictest quality standards are used».

With even more pride he says: «we are happy to announce the award of our product at the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2022. Our oil won the silver distinction among 891 participants from 28 countries worldwide».

So taste the famous olive oil of our place, so lively, so fragrant, so authentic and delicious! It is the olive oil of Halkidiki – classes superior to what

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