Neochori seems to be besieged by the dense vegetation and the deep green color that surrounds it. Large forested lands with chestnuts, beeches and oaks together with the main asphalt road twirling its way around the settlement form a unique scenery. It was founded in approximately 1500 and is reported as one of Mademochoria. It has the same name for centuries. Turks called it “Yenikoy” (New Village) and Slavs “Novoselo” (also New Village). Some of its residents came from the regions near Volos and Katerini. The oldest evidence of the village’s existence is a 1640 purchase agreement kept in Iviron monastery in Mount Athos.

Neochori took an active part in the revolution of 1821 under Emm. Pappas and T. Karatasos. The largest and most important church is the one of St. George located on the hill and has a fountain and an outer rig for use at the major religious events. The largest festival takes place on Prophet Elias day. The old temple of Ai-Lias (St. Elias) used to be on the same place. The very important chapel of Prophet Elias is located in the northeastern side, in the forest outside the settlement.


A great celebration takes place on St. Athanasiou day since 1820. The residents of Neochori are occupied in logging, animal breeding, agriculture and mining. The very successful growing of red beans (barbounofasoula) and white ones (louvidia) are worth mentioning.

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