The destination

Welcome to Eastern Halkidiki!

Welcome to the place of a thousand colors and rotations!

The place that nullifies the distance between the wonders of nature!

Three hundred (300) kilometers of coastline (the biggest in Halkidiki), numerous beaches, bays, little islands, crystal-clear blue water, golden plains, luscious green mountains, all wisely placed and harmonious!

Explore this special corner of Halkidiki!

Visit Mount Athos, enjoy a dip in the water along the sandy beaches, walk along the path that gave birth to the great ancient philosopher Aristotle and taught Alexander the Great, take a tour along the green or purple (depending on the season) Aristotelian Mountain and dash along the hillsides of Holomontas mountain.

See it all!
You will be pleasantly surprised with the proximity of it all.

This area has it all!
History, culture, tradition, sports, modern hotels.

It offers all kinds of vacation:
Summer, winter, religious, special, congress, cultural, gastronomical, historical, sports tourism.

It offers a variety of fun activities and intense nightlife.

It offers an amazing gastronomical scene and, of course, the famous Greek hospitality.

Choose, or even better, dare to combine it all!

Have a nice vacation!

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