Winter escapes

winter (1)You can also visit during the winter, since the area is a complete winter destination: exploring tours, horseback riding, apiculture lessons, collecting mushrooms from the mountains, and fruits from the forest trees of Holomontas and Aristotelian Mountains, nature excursions, Christmas and New Year’s Eve galas, and staying in Macedonian inns are only a few of the things one can experience around the mountains.

Agrotourism around the area is developing very fast and now there are twenty (20) Macedonian hostels that have around a hundred (100) beds. Wander around the paved alleys, and do not miss the chance to watch the celebrations organized by the locals to honor earth and nature: celebrations of tsipouro, wine, honey, pine-tree, sardine and mussel. All have a common characteristic: they come from a far away time and tradition.

Women in villages organize cooperatives or traditional shops, which produce pure delicatessen and biological products, when in the folklore museums of Arnea, Ammouliani, Stratonii and Ouranoupoli, you will see popular art carvings, unique in perfection and handcrafted detail, attending also lessons of weaving art from the famous weavers.

What would you do? So many things!

You will walk on the walking routes of the Aristotelian Mountain, of Holomontas, Ouranoupoli, and Ammouliani. But if you prefer to rent a bike, then you will enjoy it more, since you will wander around beautiful landscapes between the mountain and the sea!

You will visit traditional settlements to the area of Arnea, walking on cobbled alleys, traveling to the past, and visiting the folklore museums of Arnea and Ammouliani, you will end to lots of traditional guesthouses which are open during the winter waiting for you!

You will be guided in 12 pilgrims (outside the borders of Mount Athos) monuments following the routes above:

  1. The Early Christian Basilica of Zepko between Olympiada and Stratoni
  2. The Early Christian Basilica to the Castle Ierissos
  3. The Holy Monastery of Saint Kosmas the Aetolian in Arnea
  4. The Holy Monastery of Annunciation in Olympiada
  5. Zigou Monastery only a few meters away from the land borders of Mount Athos in Ouranoupoli
  6. Virgin Spilaiotissa to Stageira
  7. Saint Nikolaos of the Mountain to Stratoni
  8. The Byzantine Tower of Gomati
  9. The Holy Metropolitan Church of Saint Stephan to Arnea
  10. Tower Prosforiou to Ouranoupoli
  11. He Sacred Pilgrimage of Virgin Mary to Megali Panagia
  12. The Metochi of Hilandari between Stratoni and Ierissos

Men of course can visit Mount Athos with its 20 monasteries, sketes, cells, the treasures, the libraries…..

You will drink wine and tsipouro of unique quality to our wineries, two of which are located in the area of Arnea- and the rest in Mount Athos. Right after you can visit our traditional cheese factories, collect olives to the fruitful olive groves, or watch the procedure of honey production! Get real, pure, organic products and feel the difference!

Enjoy dining and taste flavours from our great culinary variety to mountains or sea areas.

Celebrate to dozens folk festivals and feasts!

Visit Ancient Stageira (the city that gave birth to the greatest philosopher of Greek history, Aristoteles) and our other historical monuments/museums as well!

Do you still doubt that it is a worthy experience?

You don’t want to miss it!


Christmas escapes


Some days before Christmas, Mount Athos Area was decorated, lighted, and dressed in festive atmosphere, so as to welcome your clients.


The activities proposed are numerous and are summarised in a complete tourism package which follows with special offers from our hotels.

Christmas Routes around the area of Mount Athos & Aristoteles, 22nd December – 28th December 2012

22nd December


Arrival at the International Airport Makedonia

Departure for the area of Athos

Check in the hotel


23rd December

Follow the steps of Aristoteles, the teacher of Alexander the Great

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Departure for the ancient town of Stagira, the birthplace of Aristoteles

11:00 Walk across the “Aristoteles route”, between the ancient findings

12:30 Visit at the Mountain of Aristoteles, protected by the Naturra 2000 E.T.

13:30 Visit at the Aristoteles thematic park

15:00 Participation in an ancient Greek symposium at restaurant Bakatsianos (Arnea) that includes two Aristoteles dialogues

18:00 Return to the hotel

24th December

Around Christmas


Free time for relax in the hotel spa center

14:00 Christmas cocktail at Athos Bar Reastaurant

18:00 Departure for the area of Arnea


Eat, Guide & Walk: Cobbled stone Streets & Squares, Honey Tasting, Museum of Folklore & Arts, Weaving Museum, Metropolitan Church of Saint Stefanos, Christmas market

21:00 Traditional Christmas dinner at restaurant Bakatsianos

23:00 Participation in the traditional custom “Cutting of bigger Jesus Bread”

24:00 Return to the hotel

25th December

Around Christmas

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Eat & Walk at Stratoni Christmas village

14:00 Christmas lunch at Restaurant Lemoniadis

16:30 Visit at Monastery of Zigou, that can also be visited by the women

18:00 Return to the hotel

Free time for relax at the hotel Spa Center

26th December

Eat, Learn & Walk at the Mount Athos Area

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Eat & Walk at Ouranoupolis : Prosforiou Tower, Mount Athos oil tasting, Mount Athos wine tasting, demonstration of Mount Athos icons creation (step by step)

12:30 Ierissos Cultural Center – 3D movie: “Mount Athos life”

14:00 Visit at the agricultural farm of Restaurant Gevsis

Cooking Lesson: local pie with local biological cheese

Demonstration of the traditional tsipouro production

Biological Christmas lunch, based on the traditional cuisine

18:00 Return to the hotel

27th December

Eat & Drink around the whole area

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Visit at the Tsantalis vine yard inside Mount Athos peninsula (only for men)

13:00 Departure for the area of Marathousa

14:00 Tour at Livadiotis Estate

Demonstration of the local tsipouro production

Wine tasting

15:30 Participation in a folklore “Wine Celebration”

19:00 Return to the hotel

28th December


Departure for the International Airport Makedonia



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