Olympiada is a specific place. Located between the Aristotelian Mountain and the Strymonikos Bay, it is surrounded by a natural landscape that combines to the maximum dense vegetation, greenery, crystal seawaters, endless coastline, sandy beaches, picturesque creeks and the warm hospitality of its wonderful people.

A stone’s throw away from the Hellenistic city of Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotle, the greatest Greek philosopher/teacher to Alexander the Great, where archaeological finds and the great historic heritage meek the ultimate natural beauty, Olympiada is today a unique tourist choice.

What can you do in the area? Many things.

You can follow the Aristotelian Route, walking along the amazing (mapped) hiking trails of the Aristotelian Mountain and bikining in the respective bike trails. You will visit the famous mussels farms and see how the renowned “Olympiada mussels” are collected and find out how the composition of sea water makes them so big, delicious and healthy that they live up to their reputation!  You can swim in the 20 extraordinary beaches of the area, you will go fishing, diving, organise day trips and picnics near the waterfalls of the mountain, attend the “Aristotelia” events and taste the most delicious Mediterranean delicacies!


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