It is truly a marvel of nature: such a small island, just 6 km long, surrounded by so many sandy beaches, all renowned for their clear waters!

How crystal-clear the sea waters of Ammouliani are is not documented by photographs, nor by the “blue flags” with which all its beaches are certified. It is documented by the visitors it attracts. Every summer, its 600 residents welcome 6,000 thousand visitors to offer them their warm island hospitality and pamper them, embracing them like their kin!

Visit Ammouliani whenever you have the chance!

Take the ferry boat from the port of Tripiti: the journey takes just 10 minutes and, in the summer, there is an uninterrupted service from morning until night, while the ticket costs only 2,50 €/person (vehicle transport costs 10 €).

Swim at the Alykes, the most photographed and beloved sea “corner”, enjoy the tranquillity of the Karagatsi beach, treat yourself to the affordable luxury of a daily swim at Faka, Karagatsia, Ai Giorgi and Megali Ammos, tour the sea around the island by renting a boat (no license required) and indulge in spear-fishing in the northern rocky shores!

In Ammouliani, you will eat the freshest seafood and fish you have ever tasted! The island has a large fishing fleet (the second largest in Central Macedonia) and this ensures that you will find caught just hours ago – besides, there “yesterday’s fish is no longer fresh”!

Don’t miss a visit to the Folk Museum in the centre of the island: the unforgettable homelands and Prikonisos will come alive before your eyes, since the exhibits include the unique belongings of refugees, carried lovingly from their homes.  Among these exhibits, the Epitaph, that some chose to carry instead of necessities, highlights the piety, modesty and the faith of those tormented people…


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