Melitefs. A multi-awarded delicious honey with origin from Megali Panagia. It is produced in the mountainous area of Kakavos and on the slopes of Mount Holomontas in a green environment with lush vegetation and many varieties of plants. The area is included in the natura protected zones.

In this ‘paradise’ place the bees of Stelios and Georgia are harvesting, to produce honey flavored by the forest, the earth, its trees, the flowers and the bushes. Chestnut, erika (heather) beech, oak, honeydew, etc., – all of them awarded during “blind” competitions all over Europe and Dubai.

The collection of organic material is what complements the production method, which emphasizes environmental respect, “because” as Stelios says “our ‘factories’ are nature and environment”. He was introduced to beekeeping because of the family’s involvement with it.

So buy honey from Meliteas, putting a great nutritional value to your diet.

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