“German comeback” in Mount Athos area!


Mount Athos Area Organization was very active during the international tourist exhibition ITB with 24 programmed professional meetings and particular purpose. The exhibition took place in Berling from 5 until 9 of March.
The organization executives in cooperation with public relation companies, L & L Consulting και Media Co, presented to the German market a complete thematic program, concerning the wine routes around Athos and Aristotelis Mountain, aiming :
Appealance of special travellers in particular seasons of the year
make tourist period longer

Except Vino Travel, which has already included this program to its brochure, the majority of the representatives of the thematic tourist offices, welcomed with enthusiasm the new tourist form. Next September special sales managers from the above mentioned offices will visit the area in order to follow a wine root among the vineyards of Arnea, the tsipouro distilleries of Megali Panagia and Gomati, wine shops of Ouranoupoli and wineries of Athos.
The acceptance of the “Aristotelian walk” as an alternative form of tourism with global range was impressive. After the first presentation to the British market the last September, a lot of journalists and thematic visitors were interested in it. They already program “walking” vacations through British (mainly) tourist offices.
The reservations from the German market in Mount Athos area has increased 15-20% and this certifies the estimate about “German uplift” to a national level and confirms the organized 4-year investment effort of the members of the organization in Germany.

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