The 16 religious tours around Aristotelis and Athos area were presented at Belgrade.


Presentation of the 16 religious roots, which where mapped in the “third leg” of Halkidiki, took place in thematic tourist offices and tour operators of the capital of Serbia during the international exhibition ITTFA, which took place from 27/2 until 2/3/14 in the exhibition Centre Belgrade Fair Grounds.

During these contacts, complete programs were presented, which combine tours between religious monuments of the Mount Athos area and archaeological/ byzantine places with special cultural value, like ancient Stagira, ancient Akanthos, sanctuary of ancient Ouranoupoli,Zygos Monastery etc.

The same time in the booth of the organization maps and brochures weredistributed, in order Serbian visitors to be informed as well as possible. According to the data of the local tourist offices Serbians will massively visit specific areas of the coastal zone the next tourist period.

Our Purpose is to make a connection between our members and the Serbian market and to focus in a thematic development of tourist forms, which can make tourist period longer and have the greatest economical results in the local society.

Next “Balkanian” stop of the promotional trip of Mount Athos area is the international tourist TTR of Bucurest in which the local polymorph tourist product is promoted in all versions.

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