We live in a world of abundance. Sometimes it seems that we have everything. Except time.

Timeless Mount Athos. A UNESCO World Heritage site. Far from the “distraction of the distractions,” the blips and beeps, likes and shares and the endless breaking news updates in the hectic world we live in.

Providing time… The time needed to create exceptional wine.

The Holy Monastery of Hilandar. Where grapes are cultivated at vineyards dating back to the foundation of the monastery, producing wines steeped in monastic tradition, made with love and devotion by the monks of Hilandar since 1198.

The vineyards

St. Sava’s Field stretches from the Aegean Sea reaching up the slopes of Mount Athos. Within 17 hectares, selections of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon are cultivated. The microclimate of Mount Athos, with its cold nights and mild warm days, makes this an ideal location to grow grapes of exceptional quality.

Find time to visit the Holy Monastery of Hilandar. Time to discover the treasures of the monastery. The rich simplicity of monastic life.

Time to experience the wines of Hilandar

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