In the same place, where in 1961 Grandma Eleni created one of the first restaurants in Ouranoupolis, her grandchildren Katerina and Eleni invested on the family’s sustainability/ knowhow in gastronomy and local organic produce.

Today at the KentrikoN- local eatery & deli shop, located on the main road of Ouranoupolis, you will find – except for homemade dishes – all the local production. Honey, Olive Oil, Wines, Beer, Herbs, etc.

You will enjoy several kinds of coffee, but also the famous Greek coffee made by Grandma Eleni. Late in the evening in the yard, enjoy delicious cocktails, snacks, and burgers, spending the night: have fun, relax and be part of the crowed square.

The more the sound of the wave «sings» behind you, the moat you will receive life memories!

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