Sea journeys

Calypso Cruises invites you to explore Mount Athos and the rest treasures of the magical Halkidiki by sea.

From the centuries-old Byzantine monasteries of Mount Athos designated UNESCO World Heritage site – where the entrance to women is forbidden to the endless beaches, exotic uninhabited islands and isolated coves, there are certain places that must be enjoyed by sea to truly experience Halkidiki.

Calypso Cruises is home-ported in Ouranoupolis and provides a more intimate and never-crowded way to experience and explore the monastic state of Mount Athos by sea as well as the rest beauties of the enchanting Halkidiki.

We specialize in daily cruises to Mount Athos and Pilgrimage cruises (with pilgrimage of holy relics included) but are always expanding and enriching our range of tours, as well as adding boat excursions for swimming & barbecuesunset cruises with a night-visit to the traditional Greek island of Ammouliani and Combo cruises that combine Mount Athos tours & swimming excursions.

Our intimate and never-crowded cruises introduce you to the heart of Mount Athos’ spirituality and peacefulness while our swimming excursions offer you the chance to experience some of the most amazing beaches, islands and crystal waters of Halkidiki.

The main services we provide are:

  • Mount Athos Cruises
  • Pilgrimage Cruises to Mount Athos (with pilgrimage of Holy Relics onboard)
  • Swimming excursions with Barbecue onboard
  • Combo Cruises (Mount Athos + Swimming)
  • Sunset Cruises with night-visit to the island of Ammouliani
  • Private Cruises
  • Events onboard
  • Corporate, Religion and other Groups

Our Ship

Calypso is more than just a ship; its name too has a mesmerising story to tell. It is inspired by the Greek Mythology nymph Calypso, a goddess of strange power and beauty. According to the myth Calypso was inhabiting the island of Ogygia, on the coast of which Odysseus was thrown when he was shipwrecked. Calypso loved the unfortunate hero, and promised him eternal youth and immortality if he would remain with her. She detained him in her island for seven years, until at length she was obliged by the gods to allow him to continue his journey homewards.

Our boat is built in 2016 with all the standards of safety and comfort, and designed specifically for the places we visit. Calypso offers comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces for our beloved passengers and provides an exceptional cruise experience tailored to the unparalleled wonders of Mount Athos and Halkidiki.

Calypso Transfer Service

At Calypso Cruises, we are pleased to offer free hotel pick-up and drop off service as part of our pledge to do whatever it takes to help you have a great cruise experience.When you book a cruise with us, we’ll take care all the driving, leaving you free to do what you came to Halkidiki to do: relax and take it easy.

Whether you are staying in one of the big hotels located outside of Ouranoupolis or in a smaller hotel or room or apartment in NeaRoda and Ierissos, you don’t need to worry about your transportation in Ouranoupolis. Take advantage of our daily shuttle bus services to travel to Ouranoupolis in order to embark on Calypso for your cruise.

We pick you up in front of your hotel at specific times and after your cruise we drive you back to the hotel.To arrange your pick-up call us at +306974802772 or email us at

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