Traditional Cafe

Are you looking for a traditional café (kafenio) in a beautiful corner of a typically Macedonian village? If so, then THEGONIAKON in Arnaia will fascinate you: «a classic Greek cafe» the young owner Natalia, says«with laughter, blames for politicians and politics, individuals that always end up sitting together, gambling (mpirimpa), people playing «tavli» and other ones of the authentic Greek territory. Laughter, a lot of laughter», Natalia continues.

Here Greek coffee is served with biscuits + loukoumi (biscotoloukoumo) and tsipouromezeis inextricably linked to the delicacies, made by mum Anna: «she prepares everything at home» explains the awesome Natalia «because this is not a tavern, but a kafenio»! However, they are delicious, since they are based on local recipes and local gastronomic secrets!

As the words are always poor when we describe THE GONIAKON, we urge you to include it in your choices whenever you visit Arnaia. Experience will make up for your choice!

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