In 1960, Iosif Lemoniadis from Ouranoupoli had a brilliant idea! To create a restaurant in front of the Mount Athos Bay, overlooking the port of Ouranoupoli, in order to welcome visitors to Mount Athos and offer wonderful seafood delicacies to the then few residents.
The principle he adhered to was to always use fresh, premium quality fish, caught early in the morning by the famous local fishermen and fresh vegetables, which he obtained from local orchards, gardens and estates.
Since then, all things, life and the economy included, have changed. Nevertheless, at the Lemoniadis restaurant, grandfather Iosif’s principles are still intact, applied until today in practice by his son Michael and his grandsons, Iosif and Elias.
Pure flavours that combine seafood with Athonite cuisine, Mediterranean dishes with emphasis on local organic products and fresh seafood, traditional cooking methods, exemplary cleanliness, order, incredible service, polite people…: these are the magical ingredients and quality features of the Lemoniadis restaurant – grandfather Iosif’s legacy that transcends space and time!
Tellingly, half a century later, this Restaurant continues to attract Greek and foreign visitors with its cuisine, always maintaining the principles and tradition of an erstwhile, unique era.
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