Have you ever thought about yourself, your friends or your family being in a representative island tavern on the seafront, overlooking a charming fishing harbour, under the thick shade of a vine, drinking iced ouzo, enjoying the freshest fish that you could ever imagine?

Does this seem a dream? We think so!
But it isn’t!

Because at the “Anemotrata fish restaurant” in Ammouliani, directly opposite the main harbour of the island, with a view and access to the Mount Athos bay, you can enjoy the freshest seafood on the island (caught early in the morning) and the most mouth-watering delicacies to accompany ouzo.

Pure, unaffected flavours, with due respect to the premium-quality fresh raw materials, fresh produce from the island, excellent service, friendly people and, above all, the personal care of chef Vangelis Tousios, who sees that every dish comes complete with authentic Mediterranean flavours and the aura of the Aegean sea.

And because sometimes words cannot do justice to dreams, we recommend that you treat yourself to the affordable luxury of a meal at the “Anemotrata fish restaurant” or a seafood dinner, to the sounds of a Greek folk orchestra!

There is nothing better!

  • 63075 Ammouliani
  • +30 23770 51340
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