Honey? Yes!
…but what kind of honey?

Honey PROSFORION, (means = given as present), around the green slopes of Mount Athos, in Ierissos:this is the specification for the qualitative honey, produced by the Polyzou family, from Grandfather Kostas and grandmother Zacharenia to the son Grigoris, who invested – more than his father’s passion – in beekeeping.

Polyzos family produces all varieties of honey, having placed the hives on slopes, on clearings, and meadows under the shadow of Mount Athos, which is a NATURA protected area. This fact – in relation to the production method – gives pure, organic honey, from wild herbs, flowers, trees, and fruits – harvested by the bees.

In the case of PROSFORION, words are poor to describe the quality of the product. What will convince you is the testing. Buy it now and indulge in the magic of honey delight!

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