In the most popular traditional corner at Arnea’scentral “square”!

Signature meal is breakfast, which is served by many types of coffee or local herbal teas and “moves” between steamed breads, local honey and yogurt, homemade cakes (of the day), toast with wild mushrooms and local feta cheese, «rizogalo», creams, fruit salads, traditional smoothies, egg fritters, homemade pies, and muffins or local trachana soup with all kinds of local cheese. Of course, there is no shortage of traditional dishes for the «classic» clients.

Salads are also an excellent choice, composing the ultimate «health concept»: the main characteristic is the use of organic vegetables from local estates, as well as the inclusion of virgin olive oil from Megali Panagia, but also the use of forest fruits or legumes!

The variety of snacks, cocktails and local wines is great. Pizzas, local sausages, cheeses, cold meats, sandwiches, bao and brioche come to your plate, becoming your demands spicy and dreamy. Like all dreamers in the world!

Come and Enjoy!

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