Since 1999 Vasilis Anastasiou works on the mussels’ production and their breeding to the area of Olympiada.

With care and devotion the company keeps meticulously all the sanitary rules which follow the production, the dispatch, packing, and disposal of the mussels, so as the consumers to enjoy mussels of high security and quality.

On daily basis, the mussels having exported from the sea, they get separated, washed and quickly transported with fridge trucks to the transfer point of the company. All the above labours are done under strict criteria, as it is required to handle a specific and particular product. The whole equipment used for all the processing and transferring  stages has the same standards.

Since 2010 the company completed the construction of the private space which houses the modern processing facilities and packing shells, where under the strict standards of HACCP and ISO 2200 mussels and other shells are being processed, selected one by one, and packed so as to affix the health mark. The final product meets all specifications required by the Greek and European legislation.

Mussels in their shells are available in packages (net) of 2kg, 5kg, and 10kg- and upon request in other packages as well.

Mussels without shells placed in plastic bags 0,5kg, 1kg & 3kg.

Various shells (clams, shiny, oysters), and other seafood such as fouskes and kritama are available upon request.

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