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The Mount Athos Area (eastern Halkidiki) is a charismatic place.
With 300 whole kilometres of coastline, more than 100 white / sandy beaches, 61 of them classified as premium beaches, 17 blue flags, 7 traditional fishing ports and 3 bays, it is the Mediterranean destination par excellence, ideal (among others) for lovers of sailing and yachting.
What sea proposals does it offer?
Excellent sea routes in the gulf of Mount Athos, around sandy Ammouliani and Mount Athos and from there to Acanthios Bay with its blue beaches and, finally, to the Strymonikos Bay, around the historic hills of ancient Stagira and the enchanting mussel farms of Olympiada!


Sailing around Mount Athos is like a “paradise fairytale”! Athonite monasteries, islets, islands, crystal see water, “blue lagoon” areas, dolphins, traditional fishing harbors, green landscapes, fresh sea food, various and authentic human activities….
Live it!
Feel it!
and fill with the Mediterranean aura!
How to do it?
Book it now with Cosmos!
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Live with COSMOS a seven- day cruise full of scenery, charm and blue.
With its magical coasts and particular shape like Poseidon’s trident stretching into the sea, Halkidiki is a holiday destination unlike any other. Ideal for families or friends who want to explore the breathtaking landscape of Mount Athos, visit luxurious resorts and swim in azure waters.

DAY 1: Arrive at Thessaloniki airport and transfer to our luxurious yacht, COSMOS, at Sani Resort, Kassandra peninsula. After meeting our captain and crew, take the opportunity to explore Sani bustling resort and Sani Marina Piazza. You will find elegant shops with international brands of clothing and plenty of bars to unwind with a glass of sparkling wine. Make use of our 10% discount card, an exclusive privilege offered to our elite guests. End your first day with a welcome dinner at ERGON restaurant, a perfect introduction to the secrets of the Greek cuisine.

DAY 2: After breakfast we cruise along south Kassandra. The turquoise waters and golden beaches are the ideal invitation for swimming or snorkelling. Beside the lighthouse of Possidi Cape, we have lunch in a laid-back atmosphere. We then cross the Toroneos Gulf and reach the hotel complex of Porto Carras where we will stay overnight. Visit the luxurious casino if you are feeling lucky or take a leisure walk by the pier while listening to the nightlife sounds of this cosmopolitan resort.

DAY 3: We begin the day with a swimming stop at Kelyfos, an uninhabited island covered with woodland and a major attraction for sailing boats .At lunchtime we will anchor at Porto Koufo, the biggest and safest natural harbour in Greece. Thucydides refers to it as” the deaf harbour”, a name that remains until today i.e so well protected one cannot hear the sea. We then sail along the rocky coastline of the east side of Sithonia. Don’t forget to take some magnificent photos of this eye-catching landscape. Our end destination for the day is Ormos Panagias, a picture postcard fishing village.

DAY 4: Today we swim at the tiny island of Diaporos, surrounded by its natural forest and watered by a special blue lagoon. Enjoy some mouth-watering creations at lunchtime while sailing towards Athos Peninsula. Late in the afternoon we anchor at the five-star Eagles Palace Hotel in Ouranoupoli. Splash your worries away with a scintillating drink as you gaze at the breathtaking Mount Athos. We guarantee that this grand resort will exceed all your expectations of luxury and hospitality.

DAY 5: On day five we cruise along the west coast of Athos peninsula to view the spectacular architecture of the monasteries. The whole peninsula is a symbol of the Christian Faith and has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. ⃰ Later, we will have the opportunity to scroll through the village of Ouranoupoli, admire the Byzantine Tower of Prosforios, discover shops that sell monastic products, taste wine, honey. By car or on foot – an excellent route- we reach the ruins of the Monastery of Zygos, a unique monument about forty metres before the borderline to the monastic state. We then sail to Ammouliani island where we will take an unforgettable tour around the beaches or even indulge in spear-fishing in the northern rocky shores.

DAY 6: We farewell Athos Peninsula and head torwards Kavourotrypes, a series of small width beaches famous for the amazing rocky shapes and turquoise coloured sea. After an exceptional Mediterranean lunch, we will swim and snorkel at the secluded bay of Kleftiko, near the village of Kalamitsi.

DAY 7:We reach Sani resort to spend the rest of the day. If you are a sportsperson, there is a whole array of sports for you to try at the brand new Sani Sports Centre or workout in the state-of-the-art fitness studio. Access to most facilities is complimentary for our guests. At sunset we recommend that you climb up Sani hill for a spectacular panoramic view and then enjoy dinner aboard in a party Greek summer atmosphere.

DAY 8: Return to Thessaloniki, Makedonia Airport, to catch our flights.

⃰ Only men are allowed entrance into Mount Athos. If male guests are interested in staying in one of the monasteries, all arrangements can be made on condition that you contact us well in advance, as a written permit for your entrance must be issued.

E-mail address:
F +30 2310 795 474
T +30 2310569 522 / mobile: +306909166555
Post: Acrobat Yachting, 4 Vasileos Irakliou St., 54625, Thessaloniki,   Greece



Discover the athonian gulf!

Do it by PRIVECRUISES.GR, which has 6 crafts!

Discover every visible or hidden corner of the Athonite Bay! Starting from Vourvourou, visit Ammouliani Island, go fishing to its rocky shores and swim around its sandy, white beaches, admire the monasteries of Mount Athos and experience the yachting dream using one of the six crafts of
Escape to Develiki, visit Ouranoupolis and Pyrgadikia, “take” the Mediterranean sunshine and feel the salt of the Aegean Sea, smell the aura, dare diving in the crystal clear waters of Mount Athos Gulf!
Since the words are poor to describe the reality, see the photos, select the boat of your choice and contact Dimitris, who will welcome and guide you as if you were a guest in his home. Besides, for him the sea and the crafts are his home and home!

Dimitris Tciachtiris
Ormos Panagias
M.+30 6932 244 100 / +30 6944 947 009

Swimming, Diving, Fishing, Exploring

Explore, swim, cruise, fish, and dive!
Yes, you can enjoy the all!

How! Booking everything with “Eirinikos”!

When luxury, comfort and innovation met adventure, exploration and the great blue, the idea of “EIRINIKOS”, the Glass Bottom Boat, was born.
“EIRINIKOS”, the one and only Glass Bottom Vessel in Halkidiki, provides the guest with the opportunity to indulge in the magic of the underwater beauty of Halkidiki, Mt.Athos, Sithonia and the complex of nine unexplored islets next to the island of Ammouliani.
Under the imposing sight of Mt.Athos and tracing the steps of King Xerxes, the daily cruises of “EIRINIKOS”, with departures from the ports of Ouranoupolis and Ormos Panagias to unique destinations ,reveal the secrets of the deep and the historical and religious tradition of the area.


Ammouliani-Vourvourou Islands Round Tour
Beach to Beach daily cruises
Departure from Ouranoupolis port
Exploration of the Ouranoupolis reef, refuge to various fish species and a spectacular route rich in underwater flora.
Pass by the most beautiful beaches of Ammouliani island (Drenia islets) and Vourvourou (Diaporos islet)
Stop for a swim and exploration of the sea floor (snorkeling)
Barbeque and Greek music on the return leg of the trip

Sunset cruising/ Night Parties
Breathtaking sunset on Board
Let yourselves bask in the sunset of Ouranoupolis on board with the majestic view of Mt. Athos in the background while you enjoy an afternoon cocktail listening to chill out music.
Tour the gorgeous Drenia islets of Ammouliani, take a picture of yourselves in front of the Ouranoupolis Byzantine Tower.
As the sun vanishes in the sea, the deck lights go down, the underwater lighting switches on, music gets louder and the party has just began.

Do it Yourself
Personal Destination Selection
Personal choice of music, food and drinks
Bachelor/Birthday/Private Parties
Fishing Trips
Special Events
Conference Meetings with catering and multimedia support

Eirene Karakatsani  +30 6978475716
Maria Lempida +30 6988578038

Dive and discover the hippocampus colony

Enjoy a unique diving experience, exploring the seahorse colony in the magical beach of Stratoni, where the lush Aristotelian Mountain meets the blue of the Aegean Sea!

An experience as unique as the seahorses you will see.
These are unique in terms of appearance and sexual preferences, in their reproduction method and certainly very interesting…
When seahorses flirt, they hide and when in unusual environmental conditions, they change colour.

You will find dozens gathered there, on the beach of Stratoni. You can see them standing up in the sand, as if in a meeting. They gather at depths of 8-12 metres, avoiding shallower waters. You will see them on the golden sea bottom, with fine solid sand and rich underwater flora. Some stand motionless in the sand, letting themselves be drawn by any currents that could help their slow motion even a little. Others cling to clusters of mussels scattered in the area, using their convoluted tail.

A few words about Seahorses (Equus Marinus)
Seahorses belong to the Syngnathiformes order of the Syngnathidae family, in the class of actinopterygii, despite all past unfortunate taxonomic classifications that defined them as amphibians or even insects! Related species include the leafy seadragon (Phycodurus eques) and pipefish. Their size ranges from 16 mm (Hippocampus denise) up to 35 cm. The distribution of the upper part of their body, which somewhat resembles that of a horse, explains the second part of their name (horse) and thus they are widely known as seahorses. In Greek, they are known as Hippocampi [hippos (=horse) + campi]. The second part of their name refers to the mythological monster Campi, a female black, winged monster, which Saturn had placed in the Underworld to guard the Cyclopes and Hecatonchires.

Seahorses swim upright, a feature they do not share their close relatives, the pipefish, which swim in a horizontal position. They push their bodies forward with fast vibrations of their dorsal fin (35 per second), and steer it with small pectoral fins, located behind their eyes. They rise or sink by varying the volume of gas in their swim bladders. They usually live in shallow waters, except for the winter months, when they find shelter in rocks at greater depths of up to 30 metres. Their morphology means that they are poor, very slow swimmers and thus they spend the greater part of their day clinging to algae, Posidonia or corals, in protected areas. Some also find shelter in brackish and fresh waters, although freshwater seahorses do not exist. They are always camouflaged well and can instantly change colour and immediately become lost from the sight of their predator, usually big fish, turtles or seabirds.

Seahorses do not have a jaw and consequently teeth. Their stomach is primitive; therefore they have developed a special mechanism for the uptake of food. At the base of their snout, there is an organ like a trigger that contracts abruptly and so food is sucked in due to negative pressure. Their eyes, which move independently, covering a wider field of view, also help them in finding food. They eat small crustaceans, plankton, sea lice and in general anything small enough to fit in their snout.

Another confusing fact is that it is the male seahorses that give birth. They are the only living being in the world in which the male bears the foetuses.

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