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When the view allows you to see Halkidiki from a “360” angle, when the olive groves alternate with the vines on the slopes of Cholomontas Mount, when the sea seems to join the sky and the earth, when the local geographical borders are lost, when Olympus and Athos are the natural borders of what you see, then you are definitely in «Tsipelis Estate».

Τhis is a physically and technically organized place, can be visited by travelers, where you’ll see a lot: how the blessed olive tree and the fruit-bearing vines are harvested, how the local organic wine is produced, how the Greeks celebrate for the new crop, how they taste the product of their labors, how they combine the delicious traditional food!

In «Tsipelis Estate» the Greek taste is turned into a tour in the traditional human habits, so the visitor feels like home, considering that someone kindly welcomes him and treating «a glass of Greece».

Local cooking lessons, wine shows, herbs collection, information on the «natural» of the area, participation in the production of essential oils, home-made desserts will make you visit the estate in every occasion and leave yourselves to the owners’ treatment – Christos & Anna!

Enjoy it!

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