Are you looking for a traditional café and a fresh courtyard during summer or for a cozy corner close to the fireplace during winter? Are you looking for an atmospheric music venue for vacations or other moments? Can you resist the beauty of a Macedonian village in the heart of the Aristotelian Mountain?

The questions are not rhetorical. Here you will find all the above mentioned, as well as much more. You are in Varvara, on the slopes of the Aristotelian Mountain, at Café AERIKON, which offers everything:

Coffee with traditional dips and treats, delicious tsipouro meze for the lunchtime – made by Mrs. Evangelia, delicious pizzas with homemade dough and fillings of local cheese, mushrooms and cold meats, snacks, local wines and drinks for the musical evenings.

AERIKO is a special lounge, where you can meet:
• tradition and local people = their culture and authenticity,
• but also, aesthetics,
• gastronomy,
• good music,
• the environment,
• and the civilization.

Words are always poor, describing THE AERIKO at Varvara. We urge you to include it in your visits. The experience will pay off the choice!

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