A name – legend for a local society that “wrote brilliant pages” in the local cultural history. Indeed, “Stratoni Leschi” has always been the gastronomic and cultural reference point for the locals, who – for six decades – have been meeting each other in the large hall, drinking their coffee, playing cards, enjoying ouzo lunches or dinners, taking part in famous balls, in unforgettable cosmopolitan celebrations, in official dinners, in business offerings, in thematic celebrations, in theatrical performances, in musical events and so much more…

Its name is connected with the emblematic presence of Mrs. Vangelio , who advanced her cooking expertise to such a level that it turned by itself viral, cooking tirelessly for her customers, knowing the choice of everyone, taking care of each dish and satisfying every demand.

Her glorified specialties were so many: “soutzoukakia”, cod fish with garlic sauce, pot roast, mussel risotto, cuttlefish stew … – the list seems to be really endless!

The same and dozens different recipes are prepared and currently offered at the restaurant by her daughters – Angeliki and Tasoula – who perpetuate the tradition and their mother’s gastronomical heritage.

Above all, the family of Mrs. Vangelio offers to those who visit the restaurant not only generous and heartfelt hospitality but also unforgettable gastronomic delights, making them feeling members of the small but cozy local society.

Gain also this experience. Be part of the glorious history of this exceptional gastronomic place. Your choice will reward you!

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