Theodosis Karagiannis from Megali Panagia created a unique culinary corner:
Stone-built, traditional, located in the middle of the central square, without any use of «modern» shiny materials, harmonized with the environment and the green mountain that «wraps» the traditional village.
That’s it for the testa.

Now, let’s see to the main reasons:
At Karagianni’s steakhouse, street food lovers will find themselves a real culinary paradise, after tasting handmade delicious Greek gyros, made by local pork meet, marinated in spice and wild herb sauces. It’s wrapped in a delicious pita, and it’s served with fresh fries and a wide variety of other side dishes.
However, the souvlaki is also extra delicious, as it is also made by local pork meet, which is cut into small irregular pieces following the old technique, put on a stick, and marinated.
Similar techniques are used in all dishes: burgers, pancetta, steaks, chicken, and many others. Of course, there is special space in the menu card for the local sausage, made by pork meet, orange, and herbs. It is grilled over fire and served not as a cold meat, but as a delicious and a unique tsipouro and wine meze.

If, after the above mentioned description, you are not tempted to visit Megali Panagia, including to this visit a lunch or a dinner at Theodosis SteakHouse, you are really missing out!

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