It is the epitome of summer retention.
A great location in a wonderful, natural environment, just a few meters from the picturesque port of Stratoni. PARATY starts his musical and gastronomic quests early in the morning and stops only when the next day begins.
Coffee and cold beverages accompany your morning excursions to the Acanthian Gulf, with view of the Athonian State and the Aristotelian Mountain, while cold dishes, salads and all-kinds of sandwiches “speak” to your palate during the hot summer afternoons.
Afternoon beverages give their place to the evening celebrations with numerous summer concerts and the joy takes off – as if there is no tomorrow!
PARATY is located just by the sea, making it the best summer choice for your holiday but also for a spring escape, an autumn love and a winter holiday day.
Whatever you like to do, visit PARATY! You will definitely become patrons!

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