Mantis Coffee Bar is a new, local store that started operating in 2021. It is located in Megali Panagia, Halkidiki, in mountainous Halkidiki and is only 15 minutes from the sea. More specifically, it is located between the Kakavos and Holomontas massifs.

The space is warm and welcoming, so it is creating the right place for the morning or afternoon excursion of locals and non-locals. Designed with modern colors that offer a pleasant atmosphere, the Mantis Coffee Bar is friendly to every customer.

The menu is flexible for all hours of the day, from morning to night. It has, of course, whatever coffee you want, and a wide variety of cocktails, for the afternoon and evening hours that works purely as a bar, enhancing the night entertainment of the place. Of course, the menu does not lack the delicious brunch, which is the best way to accompany any coffee / drink or wine you desire.

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