A cooperative of housewives, who many years ago joined their forces and gastronomic knowledge and created a fragrant home – their cooperative, with the aim of transforming the rich local produce into tradition and a culinary brand.

Greek frumenty made with thick local milk, noodles kneaded with local organic ingredients, sweets from organic berries, jams, liqueurs, savoury pies and twisted pies with a rich stuffing of mountain greens and sweet frumenty pies, milk pies, turned honey pies… are just some of the culinary “achievements” of the members of the cooperative.

Make sure to visit the stone showroom in the centre of the village and buy anything that takes your fancy from its full shelves!

  • 63074 Varvara of Halkidiki
  • +30 2372051243 | + 30 2372051458 | + 30 6959558469
  • +30 2310 841481 | +30 2372051220

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