PAVLOS REPANIS beekeeping enterprise constitutes a third generation family tradition which dates back to 1930 and takes action in Halkidiki, Arnea. With the technical know-how of the production which is steadily oriented towards the rich nutritional and biological value of honey, they distribute their products all over Greece and abroad.

The honey is produced under strict specifications of production and packaging from the nectar of the wild flowers, aromatic plants (mountain tea, mint, sage, oregano, heather e.t.c) and trees (lime, acacia, chestnut, pine tree e.t.c) of ou rich Greek Nature.

Bees need to visit over 4 million flowers for the production of 1 kg honey.

Tip : The crystallization of the flower honey is a biological phenomenon which does not cause any changes to its nutritional and biological qualities. The honey which has been crystallized does not mean that it is off or impure. To liquefy it we put the tin or jar into a saucepan filled with hot water (40 oC) for two hours.

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