Traditional Cafe

In one of the dozens small squares of Arnea, the traditional cafe “The Lanara” surely “take” the visitors to another era, when the famous weavers of the village scraped the wool in order to create weaving masterpieces.
Greek traditional coffee is offered to you with homemade “spoon” sweets made by fruits of Cholomontas forest, handmade liqueurs with dozens of flavors of the most “bizarre” mountain herbs, sweets from tree nuts, honeyed delights, homemade lemon, orange or cherry juices, accompany the beautiful local breakfasts and the lively groups of the evenings.
In the afternoon you can enjoy great tsipoupo Greek lunches. The “meze” is never predetermined. It is served with local strong tsipouro and ouzo. Cod with garlic sauce, sun-dried octopus, bubbles and snails, awesome homemade pickles with spicy peppers, cabbage from Arnea or Paleochori and so many others!
The local “habitués” – elders or youngers – consist romantic figures (maybe from the past) and they always find an opportunity for gambling or backgammon while the owner, Angelos, will always welcome you with the most “full” smile you’ve ever seen!
Put definitely in your program a visit at “The Lanara” when you are in Arnea!

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