The Traditional Restaurant «Magemeno Dasos» is located on green hills of the Aristotelian Forest in Noechori! It is one of the most quality culinary spots of Eastern Halkidiki.

The panoramic view to Holomontas Mount, Arnea and Paleochori turns the venue into an ideal proposal for lunches or dinners that resemble a fairytale getaway: local juicy meats, fresh vegetables cut from the private garden, herbs collected from the mountain, nuts cut from the surrounding trees, wild mushrooms, homemade salads, local cheeses, strong tsipouro and special wine fascinate the visitor due to the simplicity and the purity.

The “Magemeno Dasos” bets on being authentic. Greek hospitality and backyard activities such as horse riding, archery, ping-pong, forest touring… consist the most beautiful choice for a day trip!

School trips, social activities, musical performances and several contests complete the puzzle of the «greener» gastronomic choice!

Bon appetit!

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