“The Roost” is the highest quality alternative proposal in Ammouliani that has to do with gastronomy and aesthetics. Referring to the aesthetics, we just notice that you will find “The Roost” in the garden of one of Ammouliani’s old traditional houses, only some meters away from the island’s central port.
Trees, candles, wooden roofs and sunshade, low light, old furniture and consoles coming from another era, earth’s atmospheric decoration and wonderful music coexist with the simple furnishings which “get married” with all the forms of the athonian expression!
The diches? Excellent. Sea food combined with products collected from the local gardens, meat – cooked according to the Asia Minor techniques, pastries, variety of pasta, colorful salads made by organic products and anatolian / monastic sweets compose “The Roost’s offered product”. In the same yard you will also find a “selective” bar – for eclectic visitors. Combine the fantastic food with fantastic wines – advice the exceptional wine list. If you meet a Greek or a European VIP enjoying “The Roost’s” diches, then you will realize why the restaurant is the first gastronomical choice in Ammouliani.

  • 63075 Ammouliani
  • +30 697 3348233
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