Olympiada mussels, the best! “Mussels of Giorgos” the best of the best!

We are referring to a local mussels-cultivation, located in the crystal clear sea-water of Olympiada, in a magical place, where the Aristotelian Mountain is reflected in the Strymonikos Gulf and creates thousands shades of green and turquoise in the sea water!

In that “farm”, Giorgos, the grandson of the legendary Giorgos Pyrgiotis, who inspired and created the “mussels culture” in the area, perpetuates the tradition according which Olympiada is the most quality mussels producer in Greece and its mussels are the tastiest, the bigger and the more colorful ones that you have ever seen and tasted!

Giorgos loves his job. He invests and produces. He lives for the sea. He creates the best quality, since the sea water where his mussels’ cultivation is located is enriched by the clear waters coming from the mountain streams but also by the rainwater, making the local mussels so different and delicious!

Giorgos delivers only the best product – there are so many top restaurants all over the country offering “George’s mussels from Olympiada”! You can ask for them, visiting his kiosk, a few kilometers after the Olympiada on the way to Stratoni, Ouranoupoli and Mount Athos. Buy and try – you will remember our suggestion forever!

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  • 57014 Olympiada
  • +30 697 7628055
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