“A woman – graduate beekeeper, Mara is inspired by the Aristotelian mountain’s plants and creates …» That could be the title of Mara’s and Yiannis novel, who lastly created their own bee farm on the slopes of the Aristotelian Mountain.
“It could be claimed that beekeepers are the hunters of flowering,” says Mara. They move their farm always following the seasons and the flowering. The farms do not remain at one place for a long period of time. The location is changed, following a mathematical flowering function and the climatic conditions. Each flowered spot on the earth is at the same time a potential farm.
In order to understand what she is describing, let us follow “the 2014 route of Mara’s and Yiannis’ honey»:

  • The bees spent their winter at Ierissos and remained there until the end of March (spring flowering heather)
  • Until the end of June the colonies were moved on the slopes of the Aristotelian Mountain (flowering chestnut)
  • And then they were moved very close to the Park of Aristotle
  • Late in July the colonies went down – in the fields of Kakavos Mountain
  • A part of the apiary was moved again around Ierissos (Mavraloni area) for the thyme flowering
  • The first September days a part of the colonies went to Arnaia, another one to Olympiada and the third part to the Stratoni Mountain – “at the pines” area!

The farms are always opened to the public and there are no specific operation hours. The beekeeping activities are carried out in accordance with:

  • the needs of hives,
  • the flowering

and they are called “beekeeping inspections” (means : provision frames in the hive, adding of new modules depending on the growth of colonies, possible disease control treatments). Everything is presented to the visitors, just opening a cell, showing the Queen, the workers, the nannies, the drones, how a beehive works etc.
Don’t you characterize it as a very interesting experience? So, this is why Mara and Yiannis are waiting for you to be a part of the production and to hunt the flowering with them! Come to discover the “chest” (blister) and to taste its treasure (honey). Do not loose time. Book a place and acquire one of the most unique human experiences!


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