Sea journeys

When luxury, comfort and innovation met adventure, exploration and the great blue, the idea of «EIRINIKOS», the Glass Bottom Boat, was born.

«EIRINIKOS», the one and only Glass Bottom Vessel in Halkidiki, provides the guest with the opportunity to indulge in the magic of the underwater beauty of Halkidiki, Mt.Athos, Sithonia and the complex of nine unexplored islets next to the island of Ammouliani.

Under the imposing sight of Mt. Athos and tracing the steps of King Xerxes, the daily cruises of «EIRINIKOS», with departures from the ports of Ouranoupolis and Ormos Panagias to unique destinations, reveal the secrets of the deep and the historical and religious tradition of the area.

The vessel, of 145 seats, consists of two decks. In the indoor lounge the fully equipped bar offers to the visitors refreshing beverages, drinks and all kinds of coffee.

The sophisticated sound systems accompany every cruise with the appropriate music background.

Private cruises as well as scheduled routes with Eirinikos vessel provide a variety of tours. Visitors can choose between pilgrimage guided tours, and leisure cruises where snorkeling equipment and inflatable water toys are offered free of charge.

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