Around the green mountains of the colorful Arnaia, where the Greek light meets the diverse flora of Eastern Halkidiki, the beehives of the beekeeper Christos Tsaras enable the bees to produce the famous honey of Arnea. Smelly, dense in texture, rich in natural aromas, sometimes flowery, sometimes “tree smelly”, the production carries the smell of the whole land to the people’s palates.
The bees roam in a completely authentic landscape – of Greece we are looking for. Between Holomontas and the Aristotelian Mountain, hundreds of hives host workers’ bees, which give life to the green countryside.
Various varieties are produced there: flower honey, pine tree honey, chestnut honey, Erika honey. Just choose what suits your taste, order it and try it. You will love it, you will join it in your diet and make it a way of life!

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