At the beautiful sandy beach of Ouranoupolis, close to the land border of Mount Athos, the active owner of ARGOMENTO Coffees & Drinks Culture has managed to create a multitude place of entertainment, characterized by high quality standards at all levels.

In the morning, you’ll enjoy the most perfect cafes: cold ones during summer, while you feel the whole Aegean Sea on your feet and warm ones during winter, gazing at the snowy peak of Mount Athos through the sunlit outdoor glass wall.

On summer nights you will feel it all: drinks and cocktails served close to the waves, great music choices and shapes, but also a cool breeze to turn moments into festive memories. In winter, the cozy interior theme, as opposed to the frozen outside, is easily perceived as the glass wall of ARGOMENTO gives the feeling that the inside meets the outside in the most magical way!

The descriptions and the words do not fit the concept. Come and live it!

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