Mount Athos Area Gourmet 2013: …when the refugees wake the memories up!


Utilisation of one more extrovert weekly thematic week!  Its title: The refugee cuisine!

By the signature of Dina Nikolaou And the cooperation of educational group Le Monde

Celebrations of the road, the tastes, the ports, lessons of traditional cooking & pastry, gastronomic walks, menus brought from Asia Minor, dishes that combine the refugees tastes and the Mediterranean aura of the Athonite Gulf, gourmet menus inspired by Pontos and the unforgotten Eastern homelands characterised the fourth week thematic chapter of Mount Athos Area Gourmet 2013 entitled “The cuisine of the Unforgettable Homelands”.

Guests and press representatives enjoyed tastes “brought from the old time”, made by the hands of Louloudia Alexiadou, Dimitris Koparanis, Panos Ioannidis, and Giannis Kapasakis, and wandered through the tastes of housewives’ exquisite creations from Nea Roda and Ammouliani. Also notable were the gastronomic walks to Ouranoupoli, during which the guests had the opportunity to wander around famous shops with Athonite organic products, but to outside Mount Athos’ borders Byzantine monuments as well, such as Moni Zigou, the Tower of Prosforiou, and Ancient Sani.


In a few words, the fourth week of Mount Athos Area Gourmet 2013 provided its participants an excellent opportunity to indulge in the refugee taste, proving once again that the “Unforgotten Homelands Cuisine” is a constant value of the event.

The next thematic week chapter is entitled “Mediterranean Gourmet”: a special week, dedicated to the 300km of Mediterranean coastline of the destination, and the Mediterranean influences of its gastronomy. Menus of high level- creations of local chefs and Dina Nikolaou- combined by a unique way with presentations and tastings of local and athonite wines, when on Friday 15 June the closing ceremony is being sealed with the revival of Asia Minor’s gastronomic custom, and the quality awards.

Mount Athos Area Gourmet 2013 is under the aegis of Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace and of Greek Tourism Organisation.

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